Past Sessions

The sessions have been devised by participants in the group, including Lucy Burns, Alessandro Cabiati, Iris Colomb, Jo Cottrell, Alex Grafen, Toby Harris, Evi Heinz, Andrew Hodgson, Paul Ingram, Robyn Jakeman, Matt Martin and Michał Piotrowski.

Summer 2018/19
2 July 2019 Djuna Barnes, Nightwood
18 June 2019 Ernst Herbeck, Everyone Has a Mouth
4 June 2019 Nicolás Guillén, El Diario que a diaro (The Daily Daily)
21 May 2019 Dorothy Shakespeare: Vorticist
Drawing from Etruscan Gate, cover design for Pound's Ripostes and Catholic Anthology, designs from BLAST, Untitled (Abstract Landscape), Untitled, Untitled (Abstract Composition), Composition in Blue and Black, designs from Elimus
7 May 2019 Anti-manifestos: How comic periodicals replied to the avant-garde manifesto
Opening statements from Razzle (1932), editorial statement from Blather(1934), Eugène Jolas, 'Twilight of the Horizontal Age'
Spring 2018/19
19 March 2019 Black Mountain Pedagogy
Anni Albers, 'Work With Material', 'One Aspect of Art Work'
Charles Olson, 'Projective Verse', 'Introductory Statement for Black Mountain College Catalogue', 'A Draft of a Plan for the College'
5 March 2019 Hannah Höch, Anxiety, Bourgeois Bridal Couple (Quarrel), Cube, Cut With the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, Degenerate, Dolls, Flight, Heads of State, Journey into the Unknown, Little Sun, Mother (From an Ethnographic Museum), On the Nile II, The Fence, The Sweet One (From an Ethnographic Museum)
19 February 2019 Georges Perec, The Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise
5 February 2019 Two Modernist Long Poems
Hope Mirrlees, Paris
Nancy Cunard, Parallax
22 January 2019 Killing John Bull With Art: Frida Strindberg's Cabaret Theatre Club
'Aims and Programme of the Cabaret Theatre Club', 'The Press and the Cabaret Club'
Wyndham Lewis, 'Kill John Bull With Art'
Autumn 2018/19
9 October 2018 The Ballets Russes
Sergei Diaghilev, 'Eternal Conflict', 'Our Supposed Decline'
The Rite of Spring, Parade
23 October 2018 Hugh MacDiarmid, Three Hymns to Lenin
6 November 2018 Helen Saunders, the New Freewoman and the Breaking of Binary Bonds
Helen Saunders, Female Figures Imprisoned, Hammock
Dora Marsden, 'Views and Comments'
Henri Bergson, 'An Introduction to Metaphysics'
20 November 2018 Scapigliatura and Italian Futurism
Libero Altomare, 'Sinfonia luminosa', 'La morte', 'Ricami d'ombra'
Mario Bètuda, 'Voluttà'
Arrigo Boito, 'Literary Polemic', 'A Giovanni Camerana', 'Lezione d'anatomia', 'Case nuove'
Giovanni Camerana, 'A Emilio Praga'
G. Manzella-Frontini, 'Sala anatomica'
F.T. Marinetti, 'Technical Manifesto of Futurist Literature', La battaglia di Tripoli
Armando Mazza, 'A Venezia'
Emilio Praga, 'Seraphina', 'A un feto', 'Dama elegante', 'Verità', 'Orgia', 'La libreria'
4 December 2018 Amos Tutuola, The Palm-Wine Drinkard
Summer 2017/18
26 June 2018 Jackson Mac Low,'Asymmetries', 'Drawing Asymmetries', 'Thanks' 'The Text'
12 June 2018 Modifications and disfigurations
Asger Jorn, Choux, Brotherhood Above All, The Avant-Garde Won’t Give Up, The Disquieting Duck, Temptation, Mater Profana, Modification with Breton Wife, Paris by Night
29 May 2018 Aimé Césaire, Notebook of a Return to the Native Land
15 May 2018 Creationism
Vicente Huidobro, Kaleidoscope, Midnight, 6 O’Clock – October, 'Non Serviam', 'Warning to Tourists', 'We Must Create'
1 May 2018 Wyndham Lewis, Enemy of the Stars
Spring 2017/18
13 March 2018 Cancelled in solidarity with industrial action.
27 February 2018 Cancelled in solidarity with industrial action.
12 February 2018 John Rodker (trans.), The Lay of Maldoror
30 January 2018 Dmitri Shostakovich, Anti-Formalist Rayok
16 January 2018 Readymades
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Cathedral, Enduring Ornament, God, Limbswish, Portrait of Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp, Belle Haleine Eau de Voilette (with Man Ray), Bicycle Wheel, Fountain, LHOOQ, Why Not Sneeze Rose Sélavy?
Autumn 2017/18
5 December 2017 A Nature of Morbid Dysmorphia: Modern Forms of Art and Contagious Mental Illness
Carl Julius Salomonsen, New Forms of Art and Contagious Mental Illness, A Nature of Morbid Dysmorphia – Bolshevik Art, Dada Poetry and Speaking in Tongues
Leo Swane et al., 'Modern Art and Mental Illness, a response to Professor Salomonsen'
21 November 2017 Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi, 'On the Futility of the "Theatrical" in the Theatre'
7 November 2017 Surrealist photography
Claude Cahun, I Extend My Arms, Self-Portrait(from the series 'I am in Training Don’t Kiss Me') , Self-Portrait (naked, on sand with coiled seaweed), Studies for a Keepsake, What Do You Want From Me?
Lee Miller, Lee Miller (with Man Ray), Nude Bent Forwards, Tania Ramm and Bell Jar, Variant on Hommage à DAF de Sade, Untitled (exploding hand), Untitled (severed breast from radical mastectomy)
24 October 2017 Early avant-garde activity in London
F.T. Marinetti, 'Futurist Speech to the English'
Wyndham Lewis, 'Our Wild Body', 'Futurism, Magic and Life'
10 October 2017 Zenitism and Anti-Dada – avant-garde currents in Yugoslavia
Ljubomir Micić, 'Zenitist Manifesto'
Virgil Poljanksi, 'Dada Antidada'
Summer 2016/17
13 Jun 2017 Late Loy
Mina Loy, 'Photo After Pogrom', 'Chiffon Velours', Communal Cot
30 May 2017 BYOT – Bring Your Own Text
16 May 2017 Avant-garde responses to the rise of the Nazis
Bertolt Brecht, War Primer
John Heartfield, A New Man – Master of the New World, Adolf, The Superman – He Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk, Crisis-Proof Cattle, German Acorns 1933, Goering – The Executioner of the Third Reich, Hurrah, the Butter is Finished!, Normalisation, O Christmas Tree, On the Crisis Party Conference of the SPD, The Real Meaning of the Hitler Salute, War and Corpses – The Last Hope of the Rich
2 May 2017 Berlin Dada – Der Dada magazine
Alexis, 'A Visit to the Dada Cabaret'
Johannes Baader, 'The New Period Begins with the Death of the Superdada', 'Advertisement for Myself'
Spring 2016/17
21 March 2017 Female Futurists
Valentine de Saint-Point, 'Manifesto of the Futurist Woman'
Rosa Rosà, 'Women of the Near Future'
Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, 'Futurist Sensibility', 'Letter from Astra/Astra’s Diary'
7 March 2017 Faces
Mina Loy, 'Auto-Facial Construction'
Sophie Taeuber, Dada Head
Hannah Höch, The Beautiful Girl, English Dancer, The Little P
21 February 2017 Dublin avant-gardes
A.J. Leventhal/L.K. Emery, The Klaxon,
H. Stuart, Cecil Salkeld, 'To All Writers and Artists'
7 February 2017 Bertolt Brecht, Lindbergh's Flight
Autumn 2016/17
8 December 2016 Karl Kraus,'In These Dark Times', 'Preface' to The Last Days of Mankind, 'The Last Night'
24 November 2016 Italian Futurism
F.T. Marinetti, 'Technical Manifesto of Futurist Literature', 'Destruction of Suntax – Radio Imagination – Words-in-Freedom', 'Bombardment'
Ardengo Soffici, 'Café'
10 November 2016 Tristan Tzara, 'Cosmic Realities Vanilla Tobacco Dawnings'
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, 'Subjoyride'
27 October 2016 Experimental drama
John Rodker, 'To SER'
Arnaldo Corradini and Emilio Settimelli, 'From the Window'
Mina Loy, 'Cittàbapini'
20 October 2016 Giacomo Balla, 'Futurist Manifesto of Men's Clothing'
Céline Arnauld, 'Dada Parasol'
Oswald de Andrade, 'Cannibalist Manifesto'