Avant-Garde Studies is pleased to announce that we are looking to extend our website activity by publishing blog posts and other content on aspects of the historical avant-garde. We hope to publish these on a regular basis in order to promote engagement and debate across the international avant-garde scholarly community, and to create an accessible, open-access centre for new research.

We want to provide a platform for research and reflections on the major avant-garde movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as other manifestations of formal experiment and innovation. The contributions may take a variety of forms, including sound, image, and video, and all types of writing including the scholarly and the anecdotal, the constructive and the combative, the critical and the creative. For written pieces, there is an indicative word count of up to 1000 words, but contact us if you have an idea that requires more space.

Please send your short articles and other contributions to mail@agstudies.co.uk. The submission deadline for the first set of posts is 15 December 2019. We will accept contributions on a rolling basis after that.